Wee Jenny Cook – fundraising for Crohns, Colitis and Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity

Yorkhill Children’s Hospital

I have been attending Yorkhill Children’s Hospital for six years now. I think all the Doctors, Nurses and Staff at the Yorkhill Charity are all amazing!!  I have made a lot of friends along the way…


I have two great IBD Nurses – Vikki and Lee.  Both attend Tea Jenny every year and have a great time!

Vikki was a guest speaker at my first Tea Jenny Event and everyone loved her!

I have known Vikki since i first started going to Yorkhill and we are now good friends!  I can talk to her anytime i am worried or need advice about anything.

Funds raised by the Catherine McEwan Foundation are helping Vikki with further training towards a Masters Degree.





My Consultant Dr R Russell has also looked after me from the very beginning. He is lovely and we always have fun at the Red Hot Ball every year!

The Catherine McEwan Foundation also supports Dr Russell and the rest of the IBD team by helping them organize Education and Activity days for young people with crohns or colitis every year.




Mr Haddock AKA ‘Fishy Spice’ is my amazing surgeon!  I have had quite a few operations over the years and Fishy Spice is the best!  He will be coming to Tea Jenny this year and i know a lot of you will be looking forward to meeting him!






I often spent weeks at a time in Yorkhill so I got to know most of the nurses on the ward very well. I really loved it when nurse Angela was on night shift she would let me stay up late and sit with her at the nurses station and we would chat all night! All the nurses were so nice but Angela was my favourite!




 Raising money for Yorkhill Children’s Charity is very important to me. All the money they raise helps so many children like me that end up in Yorkhill hospital.  It pays for the clown doctors to go around the wards and cheer everyone up!  They are very very funny!




I have become good friends with a lot of the amazing staff at Yorkhill Children’s Charity. I have been lucky enough to be involved in lots of exciting events for them!  If you have a look on my fundraising Video page you will be able to watch me speaking at a few.

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