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Posted by Mhairi Hunter on Jul 20th, 2011

Hiya Jenny, I’m Mhairi, I used to work with your dad. When you were born he had lots of pictures he used to show me and on your first christmas he made a lovely christmas card with your face on it. I used to call you wee Jenny from the block ( a jennifer lopez song)!. Well I’m really loving your website, it’s looking fab. Your wee brother Alex is a wee cutie too, I can see why the ladies love him :o). I would love to have attended your tea party as it sounds like a great day however i will be on holiday. I’m sure you will all have a great day though. Your mum and dad must be very proud of you and your brother. Keep up the good work, enjoy your tea party and I look forward to seeing your pictures. Take care M xx

Posted by Barry Hope on Aug 12th, 2011

Hi Jenny. I hope you are well and enjoying the school hols, minus the bad weather over the past wee while. Your website is great, and it puts the wee website I made to shame, ha ha. I hope your ‘Tea Jenny’ tickets are being sold in their hundreds and the raffle prizes are pouring in, as it’s a great cause. Your Mum said that you got the aprons I sent, hopefully you’ll be making your mum and dad a nice dinner, but watch you don’t burn the kitchen down, ha ha. Must go just now, but hopefully see you soon and enjoy the rest of your school hols.High five. Barry.x PS I heard your mum needs to brush up on her quiz skills, hopefully you’ll be able to help her with that.

Posted by Liz Kirkland on Aug 16th, 2011

Hi Jenny, was just having a wee look at your website there, it’s fab. I’m really looking forward to your Tea party.Love auntie Liz. xxxx

Posted by Deeko on Aug 17th, 2011

How are you pal? Hope you and Alex enjoy your first day back at school, and I will see you soon! X

Posted by Vikki on Aug 18th, 2011

Hi sweetie! I’m really excited about the Tea party, especially the fashion show :) I’m going to phone you and mummy next week for a chat about it all – I’ll need to make sure I’m smart for the special occassion! Kisses – Vikki xx

Posted by Robin Galloway on Aug 23rd, 2011

Hello wee star. loving’ your wee web site.You probably know this already but you are such a brave girl and an inspiration to us all.I am very proud to know you and ever so happy that you are my friend.Love having you as one of my Clyde 1 weans and looking forward to being part of your special day in September.Will be calling you soon for a ‘Wee Jenny’ update – like only you can.Hope Mum and Dad good and wee-wee bro still enjoying school.

Catch up soon!!

Your pal,

Robin Galloway

Posted by Angela Docherty on Aug 23rd, 2011

Hi Jenny,Wow I’m loving the website!! I think you are an amazing wee girl,Always smiling even on your worst days in hospital, you’re an inspiration to us all.I wish I could come to the tea party as it sounds fab, but I’m away that day :-(I promise to be at your next event!!Love you lots Angela xx

Posted by Chrissie Martin on Aug 26th, 2011

Hi Jenny,

Your website it great! Thanks for letting me look around!

I really hope your Tea Jenny event goes wonderfully well. You are such a special girl in many ways. I am afraid I will be unable to come along that day but will look forward to being able to come along to a future event to help you raise money. Have a brilliant day, lot of love to you and all the family.

Chrissie and Ronnie xxx

Posted by Big Craigie on Aug 26th, 2011

Hi Jenster,Your website rocks girl! See you tomorrow night!Love,Big Craigie. xxx

Posted by Karen on Aug 27th, 2011

Hi Jenny,

I am Karen your Nan Nans friend. She talks about you and Alex all the time. Looking forward to Sunday, I know your Nan Nan is so proud of you. See you soon

Karen x

Posted by Pauline Dalby on Aug 30th, 2011

Hi Jenny Fab website, good luck on Sunday, I’m sure it will be great and you will all have a fabulous time.  I will visit you when I return from Greece in January, tell Mum, Dad and Alex I am asking for them. Take care Pauline

Posted by robert on Sep 1st, 2011

listen you are an amazing little girl i have crohns and i know how that feel so a big shout out to you for all the work you ve done i know you dont know me but i am very proud of you keep up the good work lots of good luck and love x robert

Posted by joe magill on Sep 1st, 2011

You are a breath of fresh air. I look forward to hearing your comments every week on Robin’s show. Unfortunatley I will not be able to attend your tea party on Sunday as I will be recovering from the 10K in the morning!!! I will be running for the Yorkhill Childrens Foundation charity and I have a JustGiving page too.Good luck for your day!! And keep the comments coming X

Posted by Uncle Coco on Sep 2nd, 2011

The web site is looking great Jenny. Looking forward to tea jenny a great event for a great cause. Lots of love.Your very proud uncle coco. xx

Posted by Waheed McManus on Sep 2nd, 2011

Hi Jenny, Waheed here.

Looking forward to seeing you at tea Jenny on Sunday. It’s going to be a great day. Had another look around the site and it’s looking absolutely brilliant. We will get our own wee show up and running ASAP.

See you Sunday pal.

Lots of tip top quality love,

The Waheed.xxxx

Posted by grandad cook on Sep 3rd, 2011

jees oh jenny,at last i have found your website,its looks great ,i hope your big day goes well, i am sure you will have a great time on sunday ,see you soon lots of love ,gran and grandad cook

Posted by Libby McGarvey on Sep 5th, 2011

Hi JennyI just want to say a big thank you to you, your mum and dad and everyone who made Tea Jenny such a wonderful day.  I too think you are an inspiration Jenny, I’m a teacher in a school where children have lots of difficulties and know that life can be tough, but to see you up there today was just like watching one of them and it made my heart burst with pride.  You keep going girl and keep inspiring all those other kids out there who think that because they have problems it’s hard to smile some days.  I’m sure with you around you can brighten up any roomAnd make life just a little easier to cope with.Sending a big hug.   Much love.  Libby. Xxx

Posted by Shona Macdonald on Sep 5th, 2011

Hi Jenny, just a quick note to say thank you for letting me join you at Tea Jenny on Sunday. I was the one selling the crazy sweetie jewellery. It was a great day and I hope you had a good time. I heard you telling Robin Galloway today that you’re hoping to do it every year! Good for you. My daughter’s 7 and you remind me of her. I don’t know where you girls get your energy! Well, it was really nice to meet you, and I hope you’ll let me know if I can help out at any other events. Love, Shona x

PS I hope you liked the wee cupcake necklace!

Posted by marg taylor on Sep 7th, 2011

Hiya Jenny, i read your story in the sunday post, what an amazing little girl you are, i also have uc, and at times it must have been so hard for you, your mum and dad and your brother must be so proud of you. i live in england so i am unable to attend your tea jenny. but i will keep watching for anymore tea jennys in the future. well done jenny, keep up the good work. kind regards marg


Posted by Fishy spice on Dec 22nd, 2011

Hi Spotty spice! Nice to see you and your mum at my surgical clinic today. Your Christmas card was great and I will enjoy drinking my present in the next few days. I hope you have a great Christmas and continue to inspire so many people with bowel disease to get better. Lots of love – Fishy spice!!! AKA Mr Haddock your surgeon at yorkhill!

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  1. Daddy says:

    Love the website Jenny xxxxx